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What It's Like to Work With a Master Photographer: A Review of Saskatoon-based Professional Branding Photographer Tammy Zdunich x Sunday Sparks Clothing Co.

What It’s Like to Work With a Master Photographer

Spoiler alert–I loved it.

There are some things in life that are worth every penny. While I’ve had the privilege of working with many talented photographers over the years, I can attest to the value of working with a Master Photographer.

Full disclosure: Yes, Saskatoon-based branding photographers are expensive. That said, it’s my hope to help you make an informed decision on whether hiring a professional of this calibre is an investment that is right for your business needs. I'm glad I did it, but for me, this experience was free.

Here are some reasons it’s worthwhile to hire a Master Photographer and why I’m grateful to Tammy for introducing me to the experience.

5 Reasons I Loved Working With a Master Photographer (and you might, too)

1. They Will Capture Your Brand's Storytelling

A good photographer comes in with innovative ideas. A great photographer asks questions. The magic happens when your responses are combined with their artful eye to deliver high-quality creative. In between is the space to build an understanding of what your brand is trying to say: this is the storytelling aspect that so many want to know and hear. Tammy made sure to understand my brand’s visual, vision and vibe before starting, and edited the final product according to my needs.

2. They Have a Controlled Studio Space

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a familiar studio space gives the photographer an edge — they are working in a space they know well, with props they have used before, and they know how the lighting works in the room. They are in control within an environment they have control over. This gives them the confidence to direct you, and you will feel safe in their hands. Especially if the studio room uses natural lighting, it’s a game changer when the photographer can capture the subject in the most flattering ways.

3. They Are Confident In Giving Direction


Confession time.

My least favourite part of myself is my double chin. It’s a part of my body that makes me dream of chin liposuction. (For real though, is this a thing? Help a girl out.)

With a Master Photographer, you’ll be directed in the subtle art of how to tilt your head, adjust your posture, and loosen up overall to give the camera your best angles. They’ll give you directions while snapping a series of photos to maximize the likelihood of capturing you in the perfect pose (sans chins).

4. Your Comfort Becomes Their Priority

I fell in love with my husband Ryan for his humility. On camera, this quality often translates into an endearing sort of awkwardness. To his credit, he’s the most observant guy I know. Which might be why he doesn’t like being observed. Tammy noticed Ryan’s reservations in being photographed for our branding session, and worked hard to keep us both engaged and smiling throughout.

Look at her, look at her, yes that's right, look at her, okay Sophia now you talk to him about the farm...or something!

It was no easy feat, but I think she captured our dynamic beautifully. A Master Photographer sincerely cares for her subjects as people.

5. They Make You Feel Like a Star

There is a special sort of unease in having your photograph taken without verbal affirmation. It reminds me of playing the piano in front of stoic adjudicators in my younger years, to complete the 9-page Sonata and be met by a room of pin-drop silence as the examiners scribbled technical critique on long blank pages of eagerly awaiting paper. Perhaps a word to describe this experience would be: harrowing.

In contrast, a Master Photographer will keep you feeling on top of the world with their verbal encouragement as your number-one fan and cheerleader. 

Yes, you’re beautiful. That’s it, look out the window again! This is great, just so great. We’re getting some good shots here. Wow, look at that smile. Yippee!

Maybe Tammy didn’t say the last one.

Should You Hire a Master Photographer?

As the owner of a new business, I wouldn’t have dreamed of having the budget to hire a Master Photographer so early on in the game. With Sunday Sparks Clothing Co. being just over 2 months old, our current focus is to stretch a savvy dollar as much as possible. We have a limited budget, and working with a Master Photographer would've been a pipe dream had I not won the Branding Session.

If you’re just starting out, like we are, consider collaborating with artists and creatives in your area who might be at a similar stage in their business, or do not yet have experience working with an industry like yours. It offers wiggle room in the fee you pay, and provides them with experience minus any pressure.

If you have the budget, are thinking of rebranding (or just focusing your branding), and deliver a product or service that is sophisticated enough to warrant this investment, hiring a Master Photographer like Tammy Zdunich from Saskatoon, SK, would be quite the worthwhile investment.

That is, in my humble opinion.

Stay sparkling, sisters.

You can find Tammy’s work at

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